Self Hosted Sites? Help! I have Some Questions…


This post is going to be a little bit different. It’s not beauty related at all, but just more so a post, asking you guys for some help. So, when I started my blog last October, I didn’t know anything about self hosted websites or any of that. I still don’t really, lol that’s why I’m making this post.

I’ve been really curious about it for a while because, while I love WordPress.. I’m restricted to having a great layout that I want, like how I see other blogs have these really amazing layouts. I mean, that’s pretty much my main concern. I’ve had to use a basic one that came with my WordPress plan. I want ones that I can buy and install and those ones won’t allow it on here.

So, my question is, for those of you that have your blogs set up on a self hosted site…

  • Is it worth it
  • How do you like it
  • Is it very expensive
  • What do you think the pro’s & cons are from using WordPress to
  • Most important – Is it hard to navigate moving from over here to there?

I’ve been looking and reading up on this, but I wanted to ask those of you who do self host blogs, what your thoughts are?

I’m just hoping it’s not hard to do… Ideally, I’d love for it to be easy to move everything from here over to there.. 123 easy peasy. I’m worried installing a theme/ layout will be difficult for me, etc…

Also, do any of you know of anyone who makes header banners for a reasonable amount of money? I’ve been seeing really cute ones with your blog name and I’d really like to find someone who’s work I could see & could possibly do one for me.

Thanks for reading & for any help on this subject you may have! 🙂

**DISCLAIMER** Above photos are not mine and do not belong to me. I found them while doing a Google search.**





8 thoughts on “Self Hosted Sites? Help! I have Some Questions…

  1. Yes, it is worth it as you have more control on how your website looks and other things. Nowadays site hosting is not very expensive and it depends on what platform you choose. There are many advantages and disadvantages though but then if you are serious about your site, you will host it someday anyway.
    And no it is not hard to navigate.

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  2. I just made the seitch this summer! I went with Namecheap formy domain registration and A2 hosting, but you may want to explore what else is out there (prices and services). I found that importing my content was pretty straightforward, but that a few options like importing followers on the wp reader were confusing to figure out. Another thing to mention is that your stats will nosedive! I expected to lose some readership, but not nearly all of it.
    But it is still so much more worthwhile! Yes, I got to update my layout to what I wanted, and I also can start monetizing my blog (if I want – I’m still working on rebuilding my stats).
    I come from a design background and just made my own logo/header. A few questions to ask yourself are what colors do you want and which sites are you inspired by? How much do you want – do you want just text or an image or photo as well? Is this something simple enough you could do it yourself? I don’t have a lot of experience with blog logos/headers, but am willing to work with you. My site is if you want to see my logo.
    Sorry for the word vomit, but I hope you found this helpful!


    • Hi, thank you very much! This was very helpful and informative! I appreciate you taking the time to help me out and give me some info. Wow. I didn’t know that about your stats! I think I’m probably going to make the switch by next month! Im not sure what I want for my header just yet. I’m going to add you, & thank you so much for the help!! Have a great day!


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