L’oreal Paris PR Package: See What Goodies I Got!


The other day, L’oreal sent over a package of some of their products for me to try out. I own a couple of their lipsticks, but other than that I don’t own much. I am very excited to try out these products! I would just like to thank L’oreal so much for the kind gift and opportunity to give these a try.


When I first opened this package I was so excited for all the lippies (I’m a lipstick junkie) but after I looked through everything, I am very excited for both of those clay mask face products!



Colour Riche Matte Lipstick (retails for $8.99) The shades I received are : Matte-ly In Love & Cademia. Out of the two, I will most likely gravitate towards the Cademia. It’s a gorgeous nude! (my favorite) These lipsticks are described as, rich luxurious matte lipsticks with hydration. Your lips are kept soft and smooth with a creamy feel.

**My swatch is supposed to say Matte-ly In Love, sorry for the error**



Silkissime Eyeliner :  (Reatils for $8.99) The shades are : True Teal & Plum. They are said to glide on smooth (Which is true. When I swatched these, they felt like silk. So creamy!) They’re a smudge-proof formula that lasts for up to 16 hours of intense color! There are 10 colors to chose from in this collection.



Infalliable Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick : (Retails for $9.99) The shades I received are, Angora & RoseBlood. They’re described as a comfortable matte liquid lipstick, up to 16 hours of wear, with high impact color.

Let me just say, I wore the shade Angora yesterday… but before I get to that, I want to say these liquid lipsticks are powerful! After I swatched both colors, typically, with all of my liquid lipsticks, were talking high end brands… they’re pretty easy to remove. If they’re a little difficult, I use my Coconut oil to remove them and they come off super easy.

When I went to remove the swatches… these babies wouldn’t budge. I scrubbed, I used soap, I used my coconut oil and rubbed my arm almost raw. After a lot of work and redness, lol the swatches came off.

So, as I mentioned I tried Angora on my lips. It dried down, almost tacky… like it wasn’t fully dried. I did the kiss test to see if the product transferred, which it did not. I guess that’s just the way it dries. It didn’t feel fully dry… but it was.

I went about my day, I ate… I ate a sandwich which had mayo and dressing. I wasn’t trying to be careful with my lipstick either… when I tell you this color stayed on ALL day through eating, drinking, etc. I’m not kidding! I didn’t have any patchy areas I needed to re-apply… maybe slightly towards the back of your bottom lip where it’s wet and color always seems to disappear. Slightly! It slightly could have used a touch up there.

Holy hell did that color stay on! I am so impressed by that! It out performed most of my high end lipsticks! What?! My only complaint… the formula makes my lips feel pretty dry and my lips kept sticking together. If that makes sense? Like when my lips touched, the top and bottom stuck together for a few seconds. I don’t like that, but I love that this baby STAYS PUT on your lips!!


Pure Clay Clear & Comfort Face Mask : (Retails for $12.99) It’s 3 pure clays & seaweed. It clears and comforts stressed, uncomfortable skin. Also, visibly reduces imperfections. Really excited to give this a try!


Pure Clay Exfoliate & Refine Cleanser (Retails for $6.99) It’s a daily cleanser with 3 pure clays and red algae. It exfoliates and refines rough, clogged, pores. Pores appear tightened. I did try this last night and it was nice. My skin was left feeling softer and a bit more clear. I’m going to keep trying this out to see if I notice anymore results.


Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara : ( Retails for $9.99) In the shade 201 Black Noir. It’s described as voluptuous volume. Intense length. Full lash fringe, and feathery soft.

Thank you again, L’oreal for the wonderful gifts! I look forward to trying everything out!

Do any of you guys have any of these products in your collection? Any favs? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!

xo – Jenn


15 thoughts on “L’oreal Paris PR Package: See What Goodies I Got!

  1. L’oreal is definitely my favourite drugstore brand! They have such good stuff in both makeup and skincare. That teal eyeliner is so pretty! The lipsticks sound amazing. That’s crazy that they last all day like that! It’s too bad they are so hard to remove though haha. The mask and cleanser look awesome too and I already know I love the Lash Paradise!! Great post!!

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    • L’Oréal is great! The teal eyeliner is so pretty! I really love that shade! It’s stunning! I’m really impressed by those lipsticks! I usually have to do minor touch ups after I eat something heavy like that… so impressed!! Thanks so much! ☺️🙂🙂

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