Sephora VIB sale – What I picked up!



Well, another Sephora VIB sale has come and gone once again. Last year I don’t think I picked up anything.. or if I did it was maybe one or two items. This year, I had my eye on a few things. I didn’t get everything I wanted (This time of year is always difficult with splurging since the holidays are right around the corner) but I got some goodies. 

**In this post I will be including video I took of my haul that was posted to my Instagram stories. I apologize if the pics and video quality is not that great, but that’s why.**

One of the main things I wanted was the Hourglass Ambient Light Palette Volume 3. I don’t own many products from Hourglass (just a blush or two) but I love those blushes and the formula of their products. This palette was all over my Instagram feed. I needed to have it.

What it is : “A limited edition Ambient® Lighting Edit featuring three best-selling and three new exclusive powders for a flawlessly lit complexion. This travel friendly palette of lighting essentials takes you from day to night so you can create your perfect light anytime, anywhere. Available in a limited edition rose gold compact this holiday season.”

Features best-selling & exclusive shades:
• Ambient® Lighting Powder – Dim Light
• Ambient® Lighting Powder – Diffused Light
• Ambient® Lighting Bronzer – Luminous Bronze Light
• Ambient® Lighting Blush – Surreal Halo (NEW)
• Ambient® Lighting Blush – Pure Effect (NEW)
• Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powder – Hypnotic Strobe Light (NEW)

The next product I was really looking forward to buying was the Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Highlighter palette. I am obsessed with her Summer Solstice palette and I knew I needed to add this one to my collection.


I also grabbed the Huda Beauty Contour and Strobe lip set. I got it in Muse & Angelic. I do want to pick up another two… I used it yesterday and I can say I really like it. It was my first time trying any kind of Huda lip products.

How cute is that?! It looks like real lips! I’m obsessed!

I also picked up the Fenty Beauty foundation and three (wanted all four, but my Sephora only had the three I picked up) Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitters. *They are amazing btw*

I can also say, I am a fan of the Fenty Beauty foundation! I’ve been using it every day since I got it. It’s so matte and so good! It doesn’t look cakey, feels lightweight, & lasts me all day without fading, or breaking up in places.

That’s all that I picked up at the sale. I still would love to get the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette. I almost – almost grabbed it at the sale. One day it will be mine! 🙂

Did you guys get anything? Have you tried any of the products I picked up? What’s your favorite? Let me know!

Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter. I mainly stay on Instagram and post stories now and then. Any new products I buy, are usually posted over there first. Come check me out, I’d love to connect with you over there as well! @ThattgirlJenn (Twitter is the same name too) let me know who you are & that you added me so I can follow back.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

xo – Jenn

7 thoughts on “Sephora VIB sale – What I picked up!

  1. Love everything that you picked up doll!! I’m obsessed with Huda I got 2 of herblip kits 3 eyeshadow palettes and the same winter highlighting palette that you have everything is so nice💗💗💗

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