The Brush Bar – A Great & Easy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes


If you’re anything like me, you hate cleaning your makeup brushes. You hold off cleaning them for as long as you can, then try and make excuses, ( “they’re not that dirty”) sit and sigh just looking at those dirty brushes piling up, procrastinate some more… until you finally clean them.

It’s a process. One I hate doing, but have to do. I’m always looking for new ways to get it done, easy, and fast. Cleaning my makeup brushes will never be “fun” for me, at least, but it doesn’t have to be something I constantly dread doing because it’s tedious.The Brush Bar is something I’ve been using for a short period of time now, but something I’m enjoying, & finding easy to get the job done with cleaning my brushes. It’s a 3 step process :

  1. The Brush Board($28) Makeup brush exfoliator.
  • It has 6 different surfaces for every brush type
  • Water pooling sections that cup water for a lasting lather
  • Hands stay clean and dry
  • Comes with a velour carrying case

2. Brush Bubbly – ($18) An ultra effective – yet gentle makeup brush cleanser.

  • It’s powerful against tough liquid and cream makeup, dirt, and oil
  • Gentle enough for the most luxurious of natural bristles
  • Apply just a dollop of product, add water, swirl your brushes and that’s all you need
  • Leaves brushes soft and squeaky clean

3. The Brush Bar – ($38) A game-changing makeup brush drying tool

  • The innovative design fastens brushes with the bristles pointing down so they keep their shape, last long, and dry faster
  • You get 10 prongs in 3 different sizes – 2 small, 6 medium, and 2 large. They hold any brand of brushes, and any size.
  • This is space saving and travel friendly
  • Comes with a velour carrying case


I found this to be very convenient. You can just place the Brush Bar on the edge of your sink and leave your brushes to dry. This takes up a small amount of space and is very easy to store away and travel with, if needed.

I like the idea of the brushes drying upside down safely and securely. The prongs are spring action controlled so you don’t have to worry about anything sliding or slipping out.

Personally, I think this is a pretty cool product. I didn’t own anything like this before. I like how easy it is to use, store, travel with, and display when using. Nothing is too bulky or in the way.

I still hate cleaning my brushes… but this makes it more manageable. Now I won’t have a million different brushes drying all over the place. Plus, if I need to travel somewhere… I can easily take this with me and it won’t be a problem because I won’t have to lug around anything heavy.

Thank you to The Brush Bar and Mengju for sending this over and allowing me to try this!

If you’d like to check this company out you can find them here : The Brush Bar

Have any of you tried this before? What did you think of it? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

xo – Jenn

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