Do I like them? MAC Pinklite & Goldlite Fix +


Not too long MAC came out with their Fix + infused with pearlescent pearls to give you an ultimate glow. The formula is said to still carry all the same hydrating, soothing, and refreshing benefits of the original & improves the wear of makeup for up to 12 hours. With the addition of pearl it gives an ultra illuminating effect on the skin, making skin look radiant and healthy.


Key claims and benefits: (From MAC’s official site)

  • Immediately illuminates and adds radiance
  • Provides instant and long term hydration
  • Improves and extends the wear of makeup up to 12 hours
  • Conditions skin
  • Helps to set and prolong the wear of makeup

So, I really liked the idea of these before I ended up purchasing them. I liked the idea of  an all over subtle glow. I thought it would be perfect for summer! I wasn’t expecting an explosion of glitter, I wasn’t expecting to be glowing like a disco ball or anything. However, what I was expecting was… something… anything. What I got was nothing. Literally. I see nothing when I spray either of these.


To me, I feel like this is regular Fix + with very little shimmer added in, but somehow disappears or evaporates, or does something…because nothing shows up on my skin. I assumed the Pinklite would be very, very subtle… but the Goldlite I was expecting (and hopeful) that that would be the winner. Sadly, not for me.

Now I know these have a lot of mixed reviews. I know people who are obsessed with both of these. They says they get a great glow from them. These products work amazing for them. I also know people who, like me, don’t like these and feel these don’t work and are basically just plain old Fix +.

I would say based on my own personal experience, I would consider both of these a giant fail and regret purchases. While I like Fix +, I wanted what this product claimed to do. I wanted some shimmer, some glow. I don’t get that from either of these products and they would have been a hard pass had I known how they’d perform on me.

Some may ask, “Did you return them?” The answer is no. This is going to sound terrible, but I kept them for the packaging alone. I use them at times as regular Fix + because as you know, I see no shimmer!

I love MAC. I love most of MAC’s products, but I can’t say I love these at all. (Unless we’re talking about the packaging… because, yes! I love that! I love that a lot)

I’m curious to know if any of you have tried these? Have you had a better experience with them than I have? Let me know! Yay, to those of you that get to enjoy them & love them, as I had hoped, I would love them.

Thanks for reading!

❤ Jenn

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