Pixi Glowy- Gossamer Duo & Liquid Fairy Lights Review


About a week or so ago, I was very fortunate enough to receive this lovely & gorgeous PR package from Pixi Beauty. I had seen this package going around on my Instagram and I was hoping I’d get this one as well. I was so thrilled when it arrived at my post box! How beautiful, right? Pixi has seriously been killing it this year with the presentation of their PR packages.

More importantly, look at the goodies they sent over!! If you know me, you know I love my glitter ( I mean, look at my nails! C’mon now) I will forever be extra and over the top and when it comes to glitter and shining bright like a diamond – my belief is, you can NEVER have too much. Yeah. I’m that person.



First up are :

The Liquid Fairy Lights ($15) They’re a liquid, long wearing, glitter eyeshadow. They’re infused with chamomile and rose extracts to soothe and hydrate. There are five different shades in this collection – Crystalline, SunRay, RoseGold, BareBrillance, and PassionLight. The liquid shadows can be worn alone and applied on the bare eyelids or over shadows as a topper.

So, at first when I saw these going around online, I thought they were lip glosses. When I learned that they were liquid eyeshadow I was kinda expecting to not like them. I’m not into liquid, cream, or shadows that aren’t pressed. I just thought these would be messy and crease and I wasn’t looking forward to them… at first.

Once I got these and I swatched them… boy, was I like, whoa! Talk about pigmented, talk about glitter! I decided to try these out as toppers, over my shadows. I also placed Crystalline and SunRay in my inner corner. You guys, I am totally loving them! They make my little glitter heart happy! Not only do they apply easily, they’re so long lasting! I mean, these are such high quality (in my opinion) for drugstore price!


(I’ve included the video I did for my Insta story)

These are very glittery, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like much glitter or feel it’s too messy… these might not be for you. I didn’t find them to be super messy to remove. I do, however, find random sparkles here and there when I remove them afterwards hours later. I’m about that glitter life, though, so I don’t mind. 🙂

I haven’t tried these on their own as just shadows. I will eventually once just to see, but I do prefer to use them as toppers. I’ve just been finding that they complete my look lately so well!


Next up –

Glow-y Gossamer Duos ( $18) They’re a super soft and silky powder to create a beautiful luminosity. Highly pigmented with a creamy skin like texture. They can be used on cheek and brow bones or anywhere you want to add a touch of glow. The two duo shades come in – Delicate Dew, & Subtle Sunrise.

These highlighters are very soft and creamy as they claim them to be. I was so impressed by these! We all know I love to glow! I found these to be highly pigmented… glow did I ever! I didn’t even need to build it up much to achieve my desired glow to the gods look I’m always looking for. You probably could go for a more subtle look with these too, if that’s what you like. I think they’re perfect. The price is right and they perform amazingly well. Definitely, definitely a fan!


Overall, I am so in love with everything I received. Pixi is such an incredible brand. I mean, they are drugstore prices with super high quality products. I think, at least. I honestly can’t think of anything I have tried that I haven’t liked and haven’t been obsessed with by them. Luckily, everything has worked for me and I’ve made lots of repurchases of products from them, that I just adore.

What are some of your Pixi favorites? What did you love out of this collection? Let me know!

As always, thanks for reading! Follow me over on Instagram (I’m more active over there and include stories, swatches, mini reviews, etc.) @ThattgirlJenn

❤ Jenn





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