13606639_10157150136285173_5209180244734897213_nHi, I’m Jenn. Married to Chris. Momma to our 9 year old (maltese) furbaby, Hemi. I have an obsession/ passion for makeup and beauty, as well as candles and scents.
I love shiny, glittery objects, nails, accessories, you name it. If it sparkles, it has my attention. Basically, I’m a cat. 🙂 I’m addicted to reality tv shows, umm, the more drama the better! Some of my favorite’s are, The Real Housewives of NJ & BH, Vanderpump Rules, Teen Mom (OG) Keeping Up With The Kardashians, (don’t judge)
I love reading and have since I was a little girl. You’ll always find me with a book. I also love writing and started writing short stories and other fictional stories when I was ten years old. One day I’d love to publish a book, but as of right now I have mostly a ton of unfinished stories.
I also love photography. I love taking pictures, I love looking at good quality photos of nature, food, buildings, animals, people, whatever.
I love being creative and was a cake decorator for ten years. (still do it for special occasions as a side job)
This blog will be about makeup and beauty, candles, my thoughts, reviews, wants, etc… as well as a sprinkle of other randomness.