Nails Of The Month (January Edition)

facetuneMy nails for this month, going in, I just wanted something simple (ish). Of course I knew I needed glitter, (because glitter is life) I didn’t have or really want any kind of design. So I kept it simple, but still fun and something I’ll enjoy.

Amy, (my nail tech) custom made the pink glitter. She got it to just the right amount and perfect shade I desired. We actually had a good laugh about this because it was more a lavender / purplish shade before she worked her magic. I swear, there is nothing Amy can’t do. She is very skilled in art and designs, she hand paints pretty much everything! I’m always in awe!

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Nails Of The Month – December

imageWhen I went into my nail salon for my appointment this month, I knew I wanted to do something kinda “wintery”

I ordered these foils online a few weeks ago, with some kind of design in mind for my next visit. The foils I got were just gold, silver, bronze, and this pretty gold and bluish mix together. (That’s the foil we ended up going with)

I really like this design. It’s not something I’ve done before… especially with the free edge (bottom of the nail) being transparent. As always, my nail tech, Amy did an amazing job!


What my camera is not picking up is the beautiful white (almost snow colored custom glitter mix) at the nail bed. It’s so sparkly and gorgeous! The foils are embedded in and I think this comes together so nicely. It’s simple, yet really stunning in person. To really get the effect it’s better to see it in person. I tried capturing it many times, however, the full intensity wasn’t picking up.

I think this design is perfect for the wintery months, especially with January right around the corner.

What types of designs do you like to do for the winter months? Let me know!

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November Nails


So it’s a new month (technically the month is almost over, but I get my nails done every month) and with that, I got my new nail design. I seriously love getting my nails done! I don’t always know what I want to do until sometimes moments before I enter the salon. (That’s pretty rare, but it’s been known to happen) Mostly, I like to have some kind of idea of what I want and I want to really like the design, especially since I’m wearing it for four weeks. I usually go in there with an image or a photo of something that’s caught my eye. Amy is really great because she puts her own spin on whatever design I ask her to recreate or just create in general. She’s very artistic and creative, I’m so lucky to have someone like that.

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Chrome nails


Lately I’ve been loving chrome nails. I’m probably a little late on this trend, but you must understand how hard it is for me to give up my glitter designs. I am so obsessed with glitter and sparkling. (Just ask anyone that knows me)

I. need. my. glitter. I’ve been toying with the idea of chrome nails for a little while now. They’re literally all over the place if you take a look on Instagram. You’ve probably even seen some of your favorite Youtubers rocking them.

The processs of applying chrome was super easy! I don’t know what I expected… maybe something very difficult and time consuming? It was neither. Simply a polish and the chrome powder on top that was brushed on. One. Two. Three. That easy!

I have to admit, I’m pretty obsessed with these nails right now. They pick up different colors in certain light or with different movement. I always get a lot of compliments on my nails, I can just imagine how many I’ll get with these.

I don’t know why I waited so long to try chrome nails- (because glitter owns my soul) but I feel like I’ve been missing out… love love love!

If you’re in the RI or MA area and looking for high quality nails check out Harmony Nail Studio at 2914 Post Rd, Warwick, RI.  You can also check out @Amygelz on Instagram or @Harmonynailsri always the best service and quality.

I tried including a video to show the color change but it failed to upload. I might have it up on my Instagram- @ThattgirlJenn if you’re interested in seeing.

Have you tried chrome nails before? Did you like them? What types of nail designs do you like?  Let me know.

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October nails


Having my nails done has always been something that has been very important to me. I can remember being a teenager and looking through magazines and becoming fixated by the women who wore long, flashy nails. I wanted those nails! When I was younger, I was always a nail biter and my natural nails were short and not aesthetically pleasing by any means. Occasionally, as a teenager, I was able to get my nails done for certain events, concerts, my birthday parties, etc. I was able to have those ‘flashy long nails’ but it was short lived as I wasn’t able to afford the upkeep at that young age. Continue reading