Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit Review

1491893184547I’ll admit, when I first saw the ABH Aurora Glow Kit palette… I was going to pass. The colors in the pans looked… dull? With the exception of the pretty blue color. I just wasn’t too interested – at first. To me, it seemed a little similar to the Moonchild glow kit. (I have that one and I like it a lot, but I wasn’t looking for another palette similar to it)

After I saw some swatches, my opinion changed. I loved the colors swatched! To me, the colors look way better, more vibrant, than they look in the pan. If I was just judging the way it looked in the palette – without seeing how these colors swatched, I wouldn’t give it another thought. I dunno. That’s just me. I don’t think they look that special in the pan… but I sometimes feel that way with a lot of palettes.. so.

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Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit Review & Swatches


Let me start off by saying this was a product I contemplated buying in the store for at least thirty minutes. Did I need this palette? No. I don’t need anymore palettes if we’re being honest, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, whatever. I have plenty. I was drawn to this palette because:

  • A. It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have other glow kit palettes from them that I simply adore, as well as other makeup products. I love this brand and usually everything they come out with.
  • B. The colors looked incredible. Aside from the brand, that is really the number one reason I picked this up. The colors (mainly the bottom row) are just breathtaking. 
  • C. I’m obsessed with makeup. (I probably need more makeup as much as I need a hole in my head) If I see something I want, I have to get it. Period.

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Top 5 favorite liquid lipstick brands

Liquid lipstick has become an essential part of my every day makeup look. Whether I’m doing a full face of glam or just quick lashes, blush, and bronzer, I’m usually reaching for a liquid lipstick to finish off the look. Don’t get me wrong, I love good ole regular lipsticks too… but I’d be lying if I said liquid lipsticks weren’t currently my favorites and have been since I tried them. I don’t see myself swaying away from buying or wearing them for quite some time.  Continue reading

Small Ulta haul


I went to Ulta yesterday and picked up a few things. I probably stayed in the store for a good hour swatching this and that, covering myself in many different glitters, colors, blushes, eyeshadows, foundations, lip products, you name it. I went in there just to look but you know how that goes, (if you’re anything like me and love to shop) you always find something that will jump out at you to purchase. As always, the associates were friendly, asking if I needed help. (I like to shop on my own and pretty much be left alone since I’m in my own little world when I’m shopping) I was grateful none of them stuck around or tried interjecting about products I was looking at. Nothing makes me want to leave a product right where it is and leave a store…. than having pushy sales people bother me and try to “sell” me things. It just ruins my shopping experience. Bath & Body Works and Sephora I’m looking at you.  Continue reading