Best Candle Of The Summer? Bath & Body Works Berry Waffle Cone

IMG_3452I’m always enthusiastic when I hear Bath & Body Works (Or Yankee Candle) has released a new bakery/ sweet/ foodie type of scented candle. After all, those are my kind of candles. Pretty much the only type of scents I tend to buy, with a few exceptions every now and then.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty much out of the loop when it comes to B&BW or candles in general right now. I typically buy fall and winter candles. I’m not into spring, floral, heavy perfume scents, so I usually stay away.

I heard about this candle, you guessed it… on Instagram. It was floating around and many people were declaring this candle, “The best candle of the summer.” It is a bakery based candle and you know that caught my attention right away. Continue reading

Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Body Care Haul & Mini Review

img_9736So Bath & Body Works recently came out with a new body care collection called Tutti Dolci. I first heard about this a few weeks ago and was patiently – not so patiently, waiting for it to hit my stores.

Right off the bat I was attracted to the colorful packaging. (We know I’m a sucker for cute packaging) Upon learning what the fragrances were going to be in this collection, I was sold. The scents are : White Mocha Kiss, Sweet Lemon Buttercup, Pink Peony Cream, and Golden Honey Praline. All of those scents (excluding Pink Peony Cream at the time, sounded amazing!) I knew this was going to be a collection I was definitely going to try!  Continue reading

Candle Empties

imageI burn candles daily so you can imagine that I go through a lot of them. I didn’t want this post to be extremely long, so I’ve cut my empties down to just six that I’m going to show you. I included three Yankee Candle scents, as well as three Bath & Body Works scents.

Since Bath & Body Works candles are a faster burn at just being 14.5 oz (compared to a 22 oz large jar Yankee) I tend to go through a ton of those ones regularly. It’s another reason I buy a lot of Bath & Body Works candles & try and stock up on them. I do like the style of Bath & Body Works candles. They’re easy to store, convenient, and most are pretty cute. I just wish they had a larger size than 14.5 oz. Maybe large tumbler style candles like Yankee has? That would be nice and different if they added something like that to their collection. Especially with the rumors of their candle prices going up again! I kinda like that idea. It would be nice if we saw something like that for 2017. Give us a little more for our buck!

Continue reading

Bath & Body Works $8.50 Candle Sale Haul

imageOn Saturday, Bath & Body Works had their annual $8.50 candle sale on 3 wick candles. If you’re as obsessed with their candles, like I am, this is the sale you most look forward to. These candles typically retail at $22.50 (though I never purchase them at full price) the sale is such a good one, it’s hard to pass up. Realistically, I probably should pass it up. I have a ton of candles and don’t need anymore… but I burn candles daily so I go through them fairly quickly. It’s not like I have a room full of candles that go unburned and I’m just hoarding them all. That’s what I tell myself anyway, to justify buying more. Same goes with makeup. 🙂 It could be worse, right? Continue reading

Current Bath & Body Works Candles I’m Loving!

imageIt’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Bath & Body Works candles. I buy them whenever they’re on sale and burn them year round. I’ve been a fan of their candles for about five years now. Are they the perfect candle? Far from it. Do they have wick issues and the occasional non throw issues? Of course. I can get past it enough to continue buying them. Their fall and winter candles are my favorite! If you’re a Bath & Body Works candle fan (and you pay attention), you’ll often find lots of returning repackaged candles that are renamed something different. The candle still smells exactly the same… it’s just a completely different label and title. In some ways that’s a good thing. Say they’ve “discontinued” a candle you really loved, you might get lucky the following season with it returning- just named and repackaged something completely different. For example one of the candles I love currently, ‘Maple Cinnamon Pancakes’ is my favorite candle from a couple of years ago they discontinued- ‘Pumpkin Caramel Latte’ Completely different names, but exact same scent notes in each of them. Continue reading