Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack Review

imageMelt Cosmetics is brand that is new to me. I first heard about them from Instagram a while ago. Most of the beauty guru’s I follow showed pictures, gave reviews, talked about this brand and their stacked eyeshadows. I was interested. I wanted to try the ‘Rust Stack’ for a while now, however, it was always sold out whenever I tried to purchase it.

I was finally able to grab this on their Cyber Monday sale, I believe. I think originally it sold out, or something happened with the site & it crashed. They restocked maybe a week later? (not too sure of the timeline) and said they would honor the Cyber Monday deal. I set my alarm and quickly purchased it the day it went live. It was a pretty easy transaction, no site crashes, I was able to add it to my cart, pay and check out.

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Jouer Cosmetics Review- Buff & Skinny Dip

imageI placed an order with Jouer Cosmetics not too long ago. I picked up one of their liquid lipsticks in the color, ‘Buff’ and a lip topper in the color, ‘Skinny Dip.’ I have ordered previously with Jouer in the past and happen to really love their products. I think their liquid lipsticks are pretty darn amazing. They feel super lightweight on the lips, smell amazing, not to mention the longevity of the lippies. Those babies stay on!! I happen to think Jouer is a fantastic company that knows how to make great liquid lipsticks. (I can’t comment on any of their other products, as I haven’t ventured out and tried anything besides their lip products… though, I’m sure everything they produce is amazing.)

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Micki Song Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick & Highlighter Review

photo-dec-11-7-40-56-pmI placed an order on Cyber Monday (I know, I said I wasn’t going to be ordering/ buying myself stuff since Christmas is right around the corner, however I couldn’t help myself.) Micki Song Cosmetics is a brand that I really love! From their cute packaging, to affordable, yet classy looking products, down to the look and wear of their products, I love it all. They are a company that never tests on animals & their products are paraben & gluten free. I have a review I did about my last order if you’d like to read. Micki Song Cosmetics  Continue reading

Kyshadow Holiday Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review

imageI got my hands on this palette when it was first released. It was one I bought because I got sucked into the whole packaging and ‘winter theme’ I love limited edition collections. I love Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. I think I jumped on it so quickly because, as I mentioned, it was limited edition, it’s a holiday palette, and I figured, why not? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the look of these colors when I first saw them, thought they were very beautiful. I had my eye more on the burgundy palette if we’re being honest. I think the colors in that palette speak to me more. I think with this palette, as far as packaging goes, (with the whole holiday collection in general) it’s pretty stunning. It has a very wintery feel with the same Kylie signature style. Originally, when I saw what was being released in this collection, I wanted (the entire collection, of course, however I wasn’t able to buy the whole collection so I narrowed it down) the palette, the four pack of lippies, and the ‘Snow’ Kyliner Kit. Everything but the palette was sold out so I missed out on those. I’m unsure if I’ll buy them before this collection ends.  Continue reading

Tarteist Lip Paint & Gloss Review

imageIf you guys checked out my Ulta Black Friday Post, then you saw I picked these two Tarte lippies up. I’ve been wanting to try Tarte’s liquid lipsticks for a while now. I love Tarte! I have a few of their Amazonian Clay blushes, eyeshadow palette, concealer, and one of my favorite foundations- Tarte’s Rainforest Of The Sea. I’m familiar with this brand and it’s one I really like. I don’t know why it took me until now to finally try their lip products. (Blame it on the abundance of lippies I already own and if I stopped buying lipsticks tomorrow, would last me for a couple of years.) I guess you could say I’ve kinda always had my eye on Tarte’s liquid lipsticks. I’ve wanted to try the color Namaste for a while. I’ve noticed the color on a few girls on Instagram, and from the looks of it, it looked to be a color that was definitely for me. You guys know I love a good nude! Can you ever really have too many nude shades? 😉 Continue reading

Kylie Cosmetics & KoKo Kollection First Impressions

imageI was finally able to get my hands on this collection during Kylie’s last restock. The first time she launched this, I was on the site at the exact moment it went live, added it to my cart, was placed in the “waiting area” to pay, only to be told it was “sold out” six minutes later. I was so disappointed! Luckily she decided to do one more restock because apparently that same situation I had happen to me… happened to many others. The next time she restocked, I was still a little anxious it would sell out again and what happened the first time to me would happen again. This time around it was a lot smoother and I think it sold out a couple of hours later. I really hate when products that a company knows are in high demand sell out in minutes. It can be really frustrating as a consumer, especially if it’s an item you’ve had your eye on and just want so badly. Continue reading

Colourpop Candyman Highlighter Review

imageCandyman is a super metallic rich gold highlighter in a pearlized finish. I’m a big fan of Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks and lip liners. I had never tried other products from them besides the lippies, so this was my first time trying one of their highlighters. I placed an order earlier this month and they were having a promo, if you spent a certain amount they included a free highlighter. I thought that was a perfect way for me to be able to try a different product from them- especially since I was on the fence. (If you’ve read my blog, I’ve mentioned in the past I want to try their eyeshadows… talk about beautiful colors and pigmentation! I’m just not a fan of having to use your finger to apply in order to get the best color payoff. I pretty much stay with eyeshadows that apply at their maximum potential using a brush. That’s really the only reason I won’t venture into purchasing eyeshadows from Colourpop) Continue reading

Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit Review & Swatches


Let me start off by saying this was a product I contemplated buying in the store for at least thirty minutes. Did I need this palette? No. I don’t need anymore palettes if we’re being honest, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, whatever. I have plenty. I was drawn to this palette because:

  • A. It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have other glow kit palettes from them that I simply adore, as well as other makeup products. I love this brand and usually everything they come out with.
  • B. The colors looked incredible. Aside from the brand, that is really the number one reason I picked this up. The colors (mainly the bottom row) are just breathtaking. 
  • C. I’m obsessed with makeup. (I probably need more makeup as much as I need a hole in my head) If I see something I want, I have to get it. Period.

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