Bath & Body Works Campfire Donut Candle Review!


It’s been a bit since I did a candle review. I haven’t been purchasing as many candles as I used to. I’m just very disappointed in the candles that Bath & Body Works has been putting out. I am so UNDERWHELMED this year by their fall and upcoming winter scents.

You guys! Fall and winter candles from Bath & Body Works are my life!! Okay. Not really. However, I do look forward to them and tend to go a bit crazy purchasing them. Not. So. Much. This. Year. *sigh* Then, throw in the fact of the price increase of these candles (that, in my opinion, are so not worth it for the amount of product you get)… and it’s all very disheartening.  Continue reading

Best Candle Of The Summer? Bath & Body Works Berry Waffle Cone

IMG_3452I’m always enthusiastic when I hear Bath & Body Works (Or Yankee Candle) has released a new bakery/ sweet/ foodie type of scented candle. After all, those are my kind of candles. Pretty much the only type of scents I tend to buy, with a few exceptions every now and then.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty much out of the loop when it comes to B&BW or candles in general right now. I typically buy fall and winter candles. I’m not into spring, floral, heavy perfume scents, so I usually stay away.

I heard about this candle, you guessed it… on Instagram. It was floating around and many people were declaring this candle, “The best candle of the summer.” It is a bakery based candle and you know that caught my attention right away. Continue reading

Sonoma Candle Review

IMG_0382Typically, when I buy candles I mainly stick to Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, Candles By Victoria, an occasional candle from Goose Creek . I actually haven’t really ventured out much when it comes to candles. I have my favorite companies and tend to stick with them.

So it should be no surprise that I’ve never tried Sonoma candles before. I don’t usually shop at Kohl’s (that’s where I picked these up. I’m unsure if they sell them at other stores or if it’s strictly limited to Kohl’s only.)

What caught my eye with these candles was the packaging. I really was drawn to the labels and the wax colors, (peach and pink for the Peach Gelato and Pink Velvet Cupcake) We all know I’m a sucker for packaging! I also really loved the names. Cake Pop, Peach Gelato, Pink Velvet Cupcake. I love sweet scents (as you know) so these were very intriguing.

Continue reading

Bath & Body Works Sweet Cherry Pie 3 Wick Candle Review

img_9655Bath & Body Works Sweet Cherry Pie is a candle I know many people love. I’ve seen the comments on Instagram about people stocking up on this candle. It was a candle I heard about a while ago before it was being released. I heard many people were anxiously awaiting this candle.

Me? Well you know I’m not big on B&BW candles after the holiday/ winter candles disappear. I don’t buy many spring or summer B&BW candles because none of them interest me. I’m not into summer scents really. I hate floral notes. I do like fruity notes, however, I feel Bath & Body Works falls short in comparison (to their fall and winter candles) when it comes to their spring and summer collection. It’s just not my thing.

Now, if we’re talking about gourmand, bakery, delicious, sweet smelling candles that they happen to come out with… well, then you’ve got my attention… and most likely my money.  Continue reading

January Favorites

img_9295Happy February 1st, everyone! Time is just moving right along. It’s so crazy to me that we’re once again starting off another new month.

January was a month where I didn’t try out too many new items (beauty wise or other) and I didn’t end up having too many favorites, sadly. I don’t know what it was, it was just a month of eh… nothing super amazing caught my eye or really WOW’D me. However, the items I have included in my favorites for January are all ones I have been loving and using on a daily basis. I do wish I had more to include for you guys, but hopefully you’ll like what I have included. Continue reading

Candles By Victoria Scent Shots

img_9219Candles By Victoria is a company I’ve been ordering from for a couple of years now. I think I first found them from someone in a candle group, who mentioned how much they loved their candles and wax.

I was instantly drawn to them once I saw their dessert candles! I’m a huge bakery and foodie type scent lover. For a while I was really addicted to realistic dessert candles. I couldn’t find many companies who specialized in those type candles, until I found CBV. Continue reading

Candle Empties

imageI burn candles daily so you can imagine that I go through a lot of them. I didn’t want this post to be extremely long, so I’ve cut my empties down to just six that I’m going to show you. I included three Yankee Candle scents, as well as three Bath & Body Works scents.

Since Bath & Body Works candles are a faster burn at just being 14.5 oz (compared to a 22 oz large jar Yankee) I tend to go through a ton of those ones regularly. It’s another reason I buy a lot of Bath & Body Works candles & try and stock up on them. I do like the style of Bath & Body Works candles. They’re easy to store, convenient, and most are pretty cute. I just wish they had a larger size than 14.5 oz. Maybe large tumbler style candles like Yankee has? That would be nice and different if they added something like that to their collection. Especially with the rumors of their candle prices going up again! I kinda like that idea. It would be nice if we saw something like that for 2017. Give us a little more for our buck!

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Yankee Candle Strawberry Cheesecake Review+Pics

imageYankee Candle Strawberry Cheesecake retails for $27.99 and is a returning treasure (which means it won’t be around for a long time) This candle was new to me, as I had never seen it before. I was interested in it so I picked it up.

I love foodie scents. Bakery, gourmand, vanilla, yummy goodness. Those are the kinds of candles I love to smell and want my house to smell like. When I first saw this candle I was a little hesitant because it says, Strawberry Cheesecake… I don’t know about you, but I’m not much of a fan of cheesecake notes. I think for most of them they smell like soured milk. It’s usually so potent that it overpowers the rest of the candle for me and I have to put it out immediately. I usually end up giving that candle away or exchanging it for one I like that doesn’t make me sick. (Scentsy makes a beautiful Blueberry Cheesecake melt that I love and is my favorite.) Continue reading

Bath & Body Works $8.50 Candle Sale Haul

imageOn Saturday, Bath & Body Works had their annual $8.50 candle sale on 3 wick candles. If you’re as obsessed with their candles, like I am, this is the sale you most look forward to. These candles typically retail at $22.50 (though I never purchase them at full price) the sale is such a good one, it’s hard to pass up. Realistically, I probably should pass it up. I have a ton of candles and don’t need anymore… but I burn candles daily so I go through them fairly quickly. It’s not like I have a room full of candles that go unburned and I’m just hoarding them all. That’s what I tell myself anyway, to justify buying more. Same goes with makeup. 🙂 It could be worse, right? Continue reading

Current Bath & Body Works Candles I’m Loving!

imageIt’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Bath & Body Works candles. I buy them whenever they’re on sale and burn them year round. I’ve been a fan of their candles for about five years now. Are they the perfect candle? Far from it. Do they have wick issues and the occasional non throw issues? Of course. I can get past it enough to continue buying them. Their fall and winter candles are my favorite! If you’re a Bath & Body Works candle fan (and you pay attention), you’ll often find lots of returning repackaged candles that are renamed something different. The candle still smells exactly the same… it’s just a completely different label and title. In some ways that’s a good thing. Say they’ve “discontinued” a candle you really loved, you might get lucky the following season with it returning- just named and repackaged something completely different. For example one of the candles I love currently, ‘Maple Cinnamon Pancakes’ is my favorite candle from a couple of years ago they discontinued- ‘Pumpkin Caramel Latte’ Completely different names, but exact same scent notes in each of them. Continue reading