Colourpop Fem Rosa Collection Haul + Swatches


How excited was I when this arrived the other day?! The Fem Rosa Collection from Colourpop is a collaboration with Karrueche Tran. The collection includes the She eyeshadow palette. The Her palette – A highlighter, blush, bronzer trio. Fem Rosa – two satin finish liquid lipsticks, and one gloss. The entire bundle retails for $40 (and is still currently available on Colourpop’s website.) *Each item can be purchased individually, however, I know the She palette is sold out currently at the moment.*

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Colourpop : Yes, Please! & Gimme More! Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palettes


I don’t know about you… but Colourpop’s Yes, Please! eyeshadow palette screams summer vibes to me! The colors with this palette caught my eye right away. I mostly wanted to get my hands on that stunning red (Spoiled) and yellow (Mischief) color. I mean, the whole palette had some pretty fun colors in it. All the swatches they showed looked insane! I needed it… and I needed the Gimme More highlighter palette. Well, you know I didn’t need more highlighters… but I can’t stop buying them. I’m like a cat, I guess. I see shiny & bright and I lose my mind.

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Colourpop’s New Spring Collection – Nectar

Photo Mar 10, 1 22 23 AMColourpop always has something new up their sleeve. New fun collections, new colors, new ideas, new collaborations, you name it. Recently they announced launching (today) at 10am (PST) 1pm (EST) phase one of their new spring collection. Nectar.

Included in this collection are : 3 Super Shock Shadows, 1 pressed powder palette, 1 Super Shock cheek, 1 single pressed powder, 2 Cream Lippie Stix with liners, 3 UltraSatins, and a pressed powder blush and highlight palette. Continue reading

Colourpop Cookies Highlighter Trio First Impression

imageI kinda had my eye on this highlighter trio when I first saw it on Colourpop’s website. It’s for lighter skin tones, since I don’t keep up with my self tanning regularly during the winter… I thought this would be perfect.

From reading my blog, you know I’m a big fan of Colourpop. I love their matte, satin, and metallic liquid lipsticks! I really do think for the inexpensive price you pay, you end up with a good quality product. Plus they have many, many, different shades to choose from. Their products are great and shipping is usually super quick. I’ve never had any issues with Colourpop (items missing, broken, etc) knock on wood… so I’m not sure how the customer service is on that. However, I’d imagine they are pretty on top of things and would fix whatever issue you had accordingly.  Continue reading

Colourpop Candyman Highlighter Review

imageCandyman is a super metallic rich gold highlighter in a pearlized finish. I’m a big fan of Colourpop’s liquid lipsticks and lip liners. I had never tried other products from them besides the lippies, so this was my first time trying one of their highlighters. I placed an order earlier this month and they were having a promo, if you spent a certain amount they included a free highlighter. I thought that was a perfect way for me to be able to try a different product from them- especially since I was on the fence. (If you’ve read my blog, I’ve mentioned in the past I want to try their eyeshadows… talk about beautiful colors and pigmentation! I’m just not a fan of having to use your finger to apply in order to get the best color payoff. I pretty much stay with eyeshadows that apply at their maximum potential using a brush. That’s really the only reason I won’t venture into purchasing eyeshadows from Colourpop) Continue reading

Colourpop lippies haul!


If you’ve been reading my blog then you know I’ve been really into peach colors. It basically started once I bought ‘Dirty Peach’ by Kylie Cosmetics and simply fell in love with the color. Since then I’m all about peach! Give me peach lippies, peach colored shadows, glosses, blushes… just give me peach! You guys know I’m a fan of Colourpop. I think their quality is pretty good considering the inexpensive price point. I order from them often and they’re always adding new colors and products to their collections. I previously ordered their burgundy and terra-cotta fall shades a month or so ago and loved them. (Baracuda and Mama being my favorites)  Continue reading

Top 5 favorite liquid lipstick brands

Liquid lipstick has become an essential part of my every day makeup look. Whether I’m doing a full face of glam or just quick lashes, blush, and bronzer, I’m usually reaching for a liquid lipstick to finish off the look. Don’t get me wrong, I love good ole regular lipsticks too… but I’d be lying if I said liquid lipsticks weren’t currently my favorites and have been since I tried them. I don’t see myself swaying away from buying or wearing them for quite some time.  Continue reading

Top six Colourpop liquid lipsticks I’m loving.


I have many Colourpop liquid lipsticks in my collection so narrowing down just six of them was a little difficult. I originally was going to do my top favorite five, but five turned into six… and as I kept going through my collection I knew six would lead to seven, and so on and so forth. I guess we’ll consider this my top six favorites at the moment. These six colors are ones that I find myself wearing a lot. I have three ultra satin finishes and three ultra matte finishes. I personally love matte lips, but I find satin lip finishes to be just as beautiful and find myself wearing that type of finish more and more often. Continue reading