Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach Palette And Why I’m Not Buying

photo-jan-12-5-22-58-amI love Kylie Cosmetics. That’s no secret. If you go through my blog you’ll find some reviews on her lip kits, all of them positive. I’ve stated many times that I love her lip kits and think they’re some of the best, in my opinion. With the exception of ‘Kourt K’ I think her formula is fantastic. I have no issues with performance, longevity, they feel lightweight on my lips, etc. Simply put – I love her lip products and I am a fan of them.

I know when it comes to Kylie and her company, people either really love her and her brand, or really hate her and her brand. The ones who hate her will seem to find any little thing to attack her and her products on. You’ll never satisfy them because in their mind, her products will never be good enough or live up to any expectations because of who she is and their dislike for her. I do like her and her products so my thoughts on this new palette aren’t coming from a “haters” perspective.  Continue reading

Kyshadow Holiday Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review

imageI got my hands on this palette when it was first released. It was one I bought because I got sucked into the whole packaging and ‘winter theme’ I love limited edition collections. I love Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. I think I jumped on it so quickly because, as I mentioned, it was limited edition, it’s a holiday palette, and I figured, why not? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the look of these colors when I first saw them, thought they were very beautiful. I had my eye more on the burgundy palette if we’re being honest. I think the colors in that palette speak to me more. I think with this palette, as far as packaging goes, (with the whole holiday collection in general) it’s pretty stunning. It has a very wintery feel with the same Kylie signature style. Originally, when I saw what was being released in this collection, I wanted (the entire collection, of course, however I wasn’t able to buy the whole collection so I narrowed it down) the palette, the four pack of lippies, and the ‘Snow’ Kyliner Kit. Everything but the palette was sold out so I missed out on those. I’m unsure if I’ll buy them before this collection ends.  Continue reading

Kylie Cosmetics & KoKo Kollection First Impressions

imageI was finally able to get my hands on this collection during Kylie’s last restock. The first time she launched this, I was on the site at the exact moment it went live, added it to my cart, was placed in the “waiting area” to pay, only to be told it was “sold out” six minutes later. I was so disappointed! Luckily she decided to do one more restock because apparently that same situation I had happen to me… happened to many others. The next time she restocked, I was still a little anxious it would sell out again and what happened the first time to me would happen again. This time around it was a lot smoother and I think it sold out a couple of hours later. I really hate when products that a company knows are in high demand sell out in minutes. It can be really frustrating as a consumer, especially if it’s an item you’ve had your eye on and just want so badly. Continue reading

Holiday Makeup Wish List

imageAs if the holidays aren’t stressful enough with trying to find the perfect gifts for family and friends, keeping your sanity throughout the entire process (leading up and especially on the actual holiday(s) itself gathered with family) money can get a little tight, and if you’re a shopper (like me) it can be challenging when you see all these new holiday collections releasing soon- right before the holidays. I was trying to think back to last year and I don’t think I was as eager and wanting many holiday goodies as I do this year. Ironic, because all my Christmas shopping was done very early and I had money to spare for whatever may have caught my eye. Fast forward to this year and I have NOTHING done or ordered as far as Christmas shopping goes… really, Jenn? I don’t know why I haven’t even started yet. I’ve tried looking online with certain family members in mind and always get distracted and do something else, or I’m drawing a blank on what to get people this year. Not only that… I’m seeing so many collections from brands I want. Everyone is coming out with such amazing things and I’m like, no, stop! Can we wait until AFTER Christmas? Either that or could you just not put out amazing products? Thanks. That would be perfect.  Continue reading

My LEAST Favorite Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks

imageBy now you’re all aware that I rate Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks as some of my favs. Going as far to say, I think they maybe even my TOP favorite when it comes to liquid lipsticks. I base this on the fact that I love her formula, the longevity of the product, the feeling on my lips, and of course- the final result, the color payout.

As with every company you’re going to have your pros and cons. You can still love a company and their products, but not love every product they come out with. Sometimes formulas are different in each product, or the product itself just doesn’t work well with us, whatever the case, you’re not going to love every single thing a company puts out. While I love Kylie’s lippies, I’m not totally in love with every single one of them. I have my favorites and my not so favorites. I have that with every brand I love. Some colors I adore and can’t get enough of, some colors I shudder at the thought I purchased them in the first place and regret wasting money. That’s life. It’s a chance you take, especially when ordering online and not being able to swatch and see a product in person. I do think that makes it tough and that is one big downside to ordering from Kylie Cosmetics, or other online based beauty companies. You can’t run to Sephora and swatch a color. You have to go by pictures posted by said company or big beauty influencers who in all likelihood are getting paid (or at least some kind of “perk” to promote them) It can really make it difficult.

I’ve had plenty of times where I saw a color that looked amazing on whoever, but when I purchased it, the color looked nothing like it did on me as it did on others I saw. That’s not anyone’s fault, of course, we’re all different so nothing is going to look exactly the same on me as it does someone else. Results vary and that’s normal. So many factors come into play with situations like that. Also, the opposite can be said as well. I’ve had colors I didn’t know if I’d like the color/ look good on me, (I saw other examples of people wearing them and hated it on them) ended up getting that color and it was amazing. You just never know. Basically, I’m just saying it’s a chance you take. Just something to keep in mind.

Continue reading

October favorites


So now that October is over, (how is it already November 1st?!) I decided to show you guys some items that I’ve been loving and using during the month of October. (a couple of these would have made it in past month favs if I had a blog back then) Most of the products I’ve included are makeup or beauty related, with the exception of two or three other products I’m obsessed with as well. Continue reading

Kyshadow Burgundy Palette. Buy or nah?


To buy or not? That’s the question. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know who Kylie Jenner is and that she has her own very successful makeup brand. She started out with her lip kits and has since expanded that to eyeliner, and eyeshadow palettes. This burgundy palette (releasing today at 1 pm pacific time) will be the second one in the collection. The first palette I had no desire to buy, simply because the colors were uninteresting to me and I have many similar colors by other brands. It just seemed kinda blah to me. I heard mixed reviews about that palette as well, saying the shadows weren’t as pigmented or felt “cheap” and we’re not easy to blend. Other reviews said the palette was amazing. Still it wasn’t something I wanted. Continue reading