Mandy Cosmetics – Mandy Lashes

imageFalse lashes are a love of mine. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with long, beautiful lashes naturally. I pretty much wear false lashes 90% of the time when I’m creating a look. I just feel like it looks better and just brings everything together. It just really completes any look I’m going for.

I like dramatic, long, bold lashes. It’s one of the reasons I first got into wearing them. I saw girls with these amazing, long, sexy lashes and I wanted that! Mascara was only doing so much for me… it never gave me the result I desired. Honestly, I used to be kinda scared of false lashes. The thought of using some kind of adhesive glue near your eyelashes?? What if I pulled them out?? I was scared it would hurt (I’m a baby… what can I say?) The whole thought of it made me a little uneasy. Eventually I sucked it up and tried (and tried… and tried… and tried) to apply them a few years ago. I remember it took me a bit to get the hang of it…. (how did so many girls make it look so easy?!) In the end, as with everything, practice makes perfect and I got the hang of it and fell in love with false lashes! Um, where had they been all my life?!  Continue reading