Jouer Cosmetics Review- Buff & Skinny Dip

imageI placed an order with Jouer Cosmetics not too long ago. I picked up one of their liquid lipsticks in the color, ‘Buff’ and a lip topper in the color, ‘Skinny Dip.’ I have ordered previously with Jouer in the past and happen to really love their products. I think their liquid lipsticks are pretty darn amazing. They feel super lightweight on the lips, smell amazing, not to mention the longevity of the lippies. Those babies stay on!! I happen to think Jouer is a fantastic company that knows how to make great liquid lipsticks. (I can’t comment on any of their other products, as I haven’t ventured out and tried anything besides their lip products… though, I’m sure everything they produce is amazing.)

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Micki Song Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick & Highlighter Review

photo-dec-11-7-40-56-pmI placed an order on Cyber Monday (I know, I said I wasn’t going to be ordering/ buying myself stuff since Christmas is right around the corner, however I couldn’t help myself.) Micki Song Cosmetics is a brand that I really love! From their cute packaging, to affordable, yet classy looking products, down to the look and wear of their products, I love it all. They are a company that never tests on animals & their products are paraben & gluten free. I have a review I did about my last order if you’d like to read. Micki Song Cosmetics  Continue reading

Happy Saturday


Happy Saturday, loves! I wanted to make today a home day and binge watch season 2 of Fuller House. (Can I just take a moment to express my glee and excitement about Fuller House? I grew up watching that show, back when it was on TGIF nights- that’s going back! While the show was extra cheesy growing up, I’m happy that it’s kept the cheesy storylines and we’re able to see the characters and how their lives are today. Can we also appreciate the fact that John Stamos is like fifty years old and still looks freaking amazing?? What kinda magic potion is he drinking?? Can he share? I hope I still look young when I get to that age.

Fuller House is gonna have to wait until tonight. I’ve gotta go grocery shopping, (groan) hit the post office, and do a little Christmas shopping. You know, adult things. (more groaning) I am going to hit Bath & Body Works because their hand soaps are $2.75! I need to stock up on some. As much as I love their candles, I love their hand soaps just as much. Who can beat $2.75?! I also want to pick up some body lotion, Snowflakes & Cashmere, I believe. One of my Instagram friends just did a haul and I love all her choices! We have such similar styles so if she loves it, I know I will too! Have to grab some things at Victoria’s Secret as well. 🙂 Can’t go Christmas shopping without picking myself up some things. 🙂

I got my hair done yesterday by my amazing girl! Forgot to take pics. I’m so lazy! I came home, took my makeup off, and ended up falling asleep. My head and neck was bothering me so I just passed out. Gonna try and get some pics of my hair today. As I sit here writing this, delaying my process of putting my makeup on. I love doing my makeup, don’t get me wrong, just some days I wish I had a magic wand or someone to put myself together…. that should be #goals

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Any plans? Have you all started your Christmas shopping, or are you finished? I got some packages in the mail this week (yay!) I’ll have some reviews on my Micki Song products, Jouer, IT Cosmetics brushes, etc. I didn’t order a lot with each of them (believe me, I wanted too!), but I’m excited to show you guys what I got! Look for those posts sometime next week.

Let me know what you plan to do this weekend.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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My Little Buddy

imageGrowing up I always had cats. I love cats! My Mom is a big animal lover & was always a “cat person” so I grew up as a “cat person.” I remember when I was younger I always wanted a dog. I begged my Mom for a dog. (Doesn’t every kid?) My Mom has always had pretty bad asthma and she was allergic to most dogs. Her Doctors always discouraged her even having cats because they said it could bother her asthma, my Mom being stubborn (wonder where I get it from? Dad’s the same way too) always went against that suggestion. (Short haired cats were okay for her and didn’t cause any attacks. I grew up with all short haired cats. I think long haired cats are gorgeous (My Dad had a gorgeous one, sadly his cat passed away almost two years ago)

I remember always answering the question, “Are you a cat or dog person?” as “both.” I grew up with cats, had many of them during my childhood and early adult years, however, even though, at that time, I never owned a dog, I loved them too. I love animals and I always wanted a dog… I didn’t really know the difference between having a cat and having a dog. I thought it was pretty much the same. Continue reading

Repeat After Me

photo-nov-21-3-22-02-pmI found this meme and thought it was perfect. It’s something I need to hide away and pull out whenever I’m feeling nostalgic, lonely, or just missing the past and certain friendships. I’ve had many friendships throughout my life so far. Many of them have been great, amazing. Some of them have been less than that, much less than that. Some people I trusted too much and considered a “friend” turned out to be not worthy of that title. Some friends are now strangers. Each situation has been different. Some “friends” have caused me pain and done things which caused the demise of our friendship… other friends have gone down a different path and we’ve lost touch. Those are the friends I’ll often think about and miss the most. Not the toxic friendships, though, sometimes I do think of those friendships and remember the “good times” not all the bad times. Those are the times I want to slap myself in the face because those people are not worth a second thought! Yet here I am every now and then thinking about them and all the times we had.

I can hold grudges. If I feel like you’ve wronged me in some way, I can cut you off and out of my life. I’ve had some really bad friendships. Back in the day, I stayed friends with some people that I knew weren’t good for me because I was afraid of being alone. I was afraid of having no friends. I don’t make friends easy. I never really did. I don’t “click” with a ton of people. So the ones that I do click with and enjoy being around, I cherish. Some friendships were bad because we both did things to each other. I can admit when I’m in the wrong. I can be petty, if you’ve hurt me, while it’s not right, I’ll hurt you back. Like I said, I can hold grudges, however, some part of me… after a while, starts to soften up. I’ll start thinking back to happier times, missing people who don’t deserve to be missed. It’s so screwed up. I’m always like, what if they’ve changed now?

That meme was something I liked and sometimes need to be reminded of. It’s so easy to fall back into old habits and want things to be how it used to be. I’m guilty of sometimes living in the past. I know I should only revisit it every now and then, but sometimes I’ll find myself stuck there, missing certain people, places, things. It usually only happens when I’m feeling down.

Deep down I’m a very sensitive and emotional person. I can have a tough exterior, but it’s because I’m guarded and I do it to protect myself. photo-dec-02-12-21-09-am

Thanks for reading! 🙂



Kyshadow Holiday Edition Eyeshadow Palette Review

imageI got my hands on this palette when it was first released. It was one I bought because I got sucked into the whole packaging and ‘winter theme’ I love limited edition collections. I love Kylie Jenner’s lip kits. I think I jumped on it so quickly because, as I mentioned, it was limited edition, it’s a holiday palette, and I figured, why not? Don’t get me wrong, I liked the look of these colors when I first saw them, thought they were very beautiful. I had my eye more on the burgundy palette if we’re being honest. I think the colors in that palette speak to me more. I think with this palette, as far as packaging goes, (with the whole holiday collection in general) it’s pretty stunning. It has a very wintery feel with the same Kylie signature style. Originally, when I saw what was being released in this collection, I wanted (the entire collection, of course, however I wasn’t able to buy the whole collection so I narrowed it down) the palette, the four pack of lippies, and the ‘Snow’ Kyliner Kit. Everything but the palette was sold out so I missed out on those. I’m unsure if I’ll buy them before this collection ends.  Continue reading

Bath & Body Works $8.50 Candle Sale Haul

imageOn Saturday, Bath & Body Works had their annual $8.50 candle sale on 3 wick candles. If you’re as obsessed with their candles, like I am, this is the sale you most look forward to. These candles typically retail at $22.50 (though I never purchase them at full price) the sale is such a good one, it’s hard to pass up. Realistically, I probably should pass it up. I have a ton of candles and don’t need anymore… but I burn candles daily so I go through them fairly quickly. It’s not like I have a room full of candles that go unburned and I’m just hoarding them all. That’s what I tell myself anyway, to justify buying more. Same goes with makeup. 🙂 It could be worse, right? Continue reading

The Christmas Tag!

amazing-stars-snow-and-christmas-decorations-pics-hd-wallpaper-05853Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. I love everything about this holiday. Christmas decorations and home decor are both things I love doing and enjoy looking at. I love the feel of the holidays, it just seems magical. While the holidays can be stressful and fast paced, I really do enjoy every minute of it. We spend most of the month planning, decorating, shopping, preparing, all for this one day that is gone as quickly as it arrives. It’s a day for family, church, (if you’re religious) friends, good food, and making special memories together. It’s something I’ve looked forward to and loved since I was a little girl.  Continue reading