Lorac Mega Pro 3

imageWhen I first heard about this palette coming out, immediately I knew I had to have it! Lorac is a brand that I’m pretty familiar with and a brand that I love. I think the first product I ever tried from them was the ‘Tantalizer lip with benefits’ I can still totally remember how it happened… one night while flipping through the channels on the tv, I ended up on QVC and I saw a woman holding a trio of these lip products. (Literally had heart eyes as I watched her display and swatch them) *side note- who knew QVC sold makeup? At the time I had no idea! Had I been in the dark that whole time?? Maybe I had been living under a rock, but I thought QVC sold appliances and jewelry and that sort of thing. Ahh, the things you learn while being bored one night flipping through the channels. My credit card was probably weeping, but yay for finding more online sites to shop at!! 😀 Continue reading