My Honest Thoughts On Morphe And On The Morphe & Jaclyn Hill Palette

IMG_3513Hmm, where to start? Let’s first start with Morphe before I move onto reviewing their newest palette with Jaclyn Hill. Morphe is a brand, I’m sure, you’ve heard about if you’ve been following anything beauty or makeup related. They’re literally saturated all over Instagram & Youtube. Well known influencers are constantly telling us to “use their code to save some money” on the products. If you follow the makeup community, there’s no escaping the name, Morphe. We’ve all heard about this company. We either love Morphe. Or we don’t.

Less than a year ago, I was pretty adamant on the fact that I didn’t want to even try anything Morphe related. I had no desire to spend my money on “cheap” makeup. If you’ve been following my blog for a little while, you’ll know I don’t really buy drugstore products very often. I just find the quality is not there. I prefer high end makeup and brands. That’s just my opinion and my preference. (More recently, I’ve discovered and come to love a few drugstore brands that really deliver with the quality of their products.) Slowly my opinion is changing on some of these brands, as I find they’re starting to deliver in the quality department. Continue reading

First Time Ordering From Morphe (My Experience) & Copper Spice & Bronzed Mocha Palette

imageI have been debating ordering from Morphe for quite some time now. If any of you remember, I made a post and touched briefly on wanting to try their palettes, but was hesitant. The colors looked gorgeous to me, swatches I saw looked pigmented and easy to work with, the price was affordable… yet I would hear a lot of negative reviews just as much as I heard really good reviews.

I really wanted to try them! I would often add stuff to my cart and right before I had to click to place my order, I backed out. I did this multiple times. For some reason I was still holding off. I watched tons of Youtube videos on regular (paying customers) who bought palettes and gave their reviews/ opinions. I say, “regular paying customers” because when it comes to a lot of highly popular products, I don’t always trust the big Youtube influencers who are getting paid to give amazing reviews. I want real opinions, ones that aren’t being swayed by a paycheck or some kind of perk. I want the truth, is what it boils down to.  Continue reading