Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Collection


I got an email from Beautylish earlier saying the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips ‘Kim K.W.’ shade was back in stock. It’s their most popular shade (of course seeing as it’s inspired by Kim Kardashian and it’s the perfect nude shade she’s known for wearing.) I heard about this collection back when it first launched…but for whatever reason didn’t really pay that much attention to it. There are literally so many collections that have this and that coming out. Sometimes it gets hard to keep track of everything. For whatever reason, this one kinda slipped on past me. Since getting that email, though, I’ve been reading some reviews and watching some Youtube videos on this collection. I’ve got to be honest… I’m kind of interested in buying a couple of shades. I really have my eye on the nude/ neutral colors rather than the bright shades. I think the bright shades are just as pretty and I’m a big fan of bright lippies, but if I’m planning on trying one or two shades, I’m most likely going for the neutral colors. They’re speaking to me more than the brights.


While I think the colors look spectacular, I’m also drawn to the packaging. (of course) I think the rose gold tube the lipstick comes in, is very elegant and classy looking. It’s definitely eye catching and chic. I just imagine reaching into my handbag to touch up my lipstick and pulling this out, it would just look so fancy. I also really love the lipstick holder the above picture is showing with all the lippies lined up. I’m pretty sure the holder came if you bought all twelve shades on the Charlotte Tilbury site. Personally I think that would look gorgeous added to my makeup collection. ūüôā I’m not interested in buying all twelve shades so I’ll just have to admire it from afar. I think it would be nice if it could be bought¬†separately, but I get the whole marketing aspect of it. ‘Hot Lips’ collection, the holder goes with the collection… still, would be nice.


The packaging is one thing- beautiful! Look at the lipsticks themselves! I love the shape of these lipsticks, apparently they’re shaped this way for the perfect¬†precision¬†when applying. How ideal! As you can imagine, I love the embossed lip print on the bullet. The lipstick definitely looks high end. I think it’s super gorgeous! I feel just carrying one of these around in your purse for an evening would make any girl feel classy and sexy.

The colors I’m most interested in trying would be:

  • Kim K.W. –¬†Pale nude beige pink
  • Penelope – Nude pink
  • Liv It Up – Rosebud pink
  • Kidmans Kiss– Rose petal pink

All of the lipstick shades are named after celebrities that Charlotte Tilbury has worked with. They retail at $32.00 and can be purchased from Beautylish &

I know this collection came out a while ago. Sometime over the summer, maybe July? I think I’m going to check out a few more reviews and see what others have to say before I decide… but I think this collection really looks pretty amazing. If nothing else, I’d like to add one or two of them to my collection for the elegance alone. I want them to be just as amazing in real life as they look in the pictures.

What do you guys think? Since this collection has been out for a while, have you tried it yet? What do you think of these lipsticks? How do they perform? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! ūüôā

*Disclaimer* None of these pictures belong to me and were found while doing a Google search.


Thank you STARBUCKS!


I ordered the above cup online from Starbucks last Saturday. I paid with the Starbucks gold card and was supposed to be rewarded 45 bonus stars for the purchase. Okay, cool. Sometime early in the week, maybe Monday night, or Tuesday, I realized I still didn’t get a shipping notification… nor did I get the 45 bonus stars credited to my account. I think I waited until Wednesday morning before I emailed them asking when I could expect shipping and why the 45 bonus stars weren’t credited to my account. By Wednesday night I still had no email from Starbucks. I decided to check my ‘order status’ on my Starbucks account for some reason, now it was showing that they actually shipped my order a couple of days ago and I should expect it by Monday. Never got a shipping email. I emailed their customer service department AGAIN the next day because now that it showed online my order was shipped (even though I never got a shipping confirmation email) I just wanted to know where my 45 bonus stars were for this order. AGAIN no response from them. Continue reading

My LEAST Favorite Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks

imageBy now you’re all aware that I rate Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks as some of my favs. Going as far to say, I think they maybe even my TOP favorite when it comes to liquid lipsticks. I base this on the fact that I love her formula, the longevity of the product, the feeling on my lips, and of course- the final result, the color payout.

As with every company you’re going to have your pros and cons. You can still love a company and their products, but not love every product they come out with. Sometimes formulas are different in each product, or the product itself just doesn’t work well with us, whatever the case, you’re not going to love every single thing a company puts out. While I love Kylie’s lippies, I’m not totally in love with every single one of them. I have my favorites and my not so favorites. I have that with every brand I love. Some colors I adore and can’t get enough of, some colors I shudder at the thought I purchased them in the first place and regret wasting money. That’s life. It’s a chance you take, especially when ordering online and not being able to swatch and see a product in person. I do think that makes it tough and that is one big downside to ordering from Kylie Cosmetics, or other online based beauty companies. You can’t run to Sephora and swatch a color. You have to go by pictures posted by said company or big beauty influencers who in all¬†likelihood¬†are getting paid (or at least some kind of “perk” to promote them) It can really make it difficult.

I’ve had plenty of times where I saw a color that looked amazing on whoever, but when I purchased it, the color looked nothing like it did on me as it did on others I saw. That’s not anyone’s fault, of course, we’re all different so nothing is going to look exactly the same on me as it does someone else. Results vary and that’s normal. So many factors come into play with situations like that. Also, the opposite can be said as well. I’ve had colors I didn’t know if I’d like the color/ look good on me, (I saw other examples of people wearing them and hated it on them) ended up getting that color and it was amazing. You just never know. Basically, I’m just saying it’s a chance you take. Just something to keep in mind.

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Anastasia Ultimate Glow Kit Review & Swatches


Let me start off by saying this was a product I¬†contemplated buying in the store for at least thirty minutes. Did I need this palette? No. I don’t need anymore palettes if we’re being honest, highlighter, eyeshadow, blush, whatever. I have plenty. I was drawn to this palette because:

  • A. It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills. I have other glow kit palettes from them that I simply adore, as well as other makeup products. I love this brand and usually everything they come out with.
  • B.¬†The colors looked incredible. Aside from the brand, that is really the number one reason I picked this up. The colors (mainly the bottom row) are just breathtaking.¬†
  • C.¬†I’m obsessed with makeup. (I probably need more makeup as much as I need a hole in my head) If I see something I want, I have to get it. Period.

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New Yankee Candle Goodies!

imageYankee Candle had their ‘shop like an employee sale’ over the weekend. It was 50% off all candles, home fragrances, car fragrances, etc. Large jar candles & tumblers (which I prefer to buy) retail at $27.99- with 50% off that brings a large jar to $13.99, (so basically¬†$14) which is standard outlet price on large jar candles. Normally when they have these ‘shop like an employee’ sales, I tend to go a bit crazy. I like to stock up on extra candles with scents I already have and know I love, or just shop and buy new collections/ candles that look and smell like ones I’d like. This time, however, I sent my husband in with a small list (the above three candles included) so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy out the entire store. If all my Christmas shopping was done, believe me, I would have done some damage. Damn these holidays messing up my shopping trips.¬† Continue reading

Colourpop lippies haul!


If you’ve been reading my blog then you know I’ve been really into peach colors. It basically started once I bought ‘Dirty Peach’ by Kylie Cosmetics and simply fell in love with the color. Since then I’m all about peach! Give me peach lippies, peach colored shadows, glosses, blushes… just give me peach! You guys know I’m a fan of Colourpop. I think their quality is pretty good considering the inexpensive price point. I order from them often and they’re always adding new colors and products to their collections. I previously ordered their burgundy and terra-cotta fall shades a month or so ago and loved them. (Baracuda and Mama being my favorites)¬† Continue reading

A little bit of this and that


Kylie is set to release her collab with Khloe Kardashian on November, 9th. She’s launching these three new liquid lipsticks and one lipgloss sold together for $40, which includes free shipping on purchases of $40 or more for the holidays. I mean how can I pass that up?? ¬†Immediately I’m sold on the packaging. I love the gold! It looks elegant and classy.¬† Continue reading

Top 5 favorite liquid lipstick brands

Liquid lipstick has become an essential part of my every day makeup look. Whether I’m doing a full face of glam or just quick lashes, blush, and bronzer, I’m usually reaching for a liquid lipstick to finish off the look. Don’t get me wrong, I love good ole regular lipsticks too… but I’d be lying if I said liquid lipsticks weren’t currently my favorites and have been since I tried them. I don’t see myself swaying away from buying or wearing them for quite some time.¬† Continue reading

Small Ulta haul


I went to Ulta yesterday and picked up a few things. I probably stayed in the store for a good hour swatching this and that, covering myself in many different glitters, colors, blushes, eyeshadows, foundations, lip products, you name it. I went in there just to look but you know how that goes, (if you’re anything like me and love to shop) you always find something that will jump out at you to purchase. As always, the associates were friendly, asking if I needed help. (I like to shop on my own and pretty much be left alone since I’m in my own little world when I’m shopping) I was grateful none of them stuck around or tried interjecting about products I was looking at. Nothing makes me want to leave a product right where it is and leave a store…. than having pushy sales people bother me and try to “sell” me things. It just ruins my shopping experience. Bath & Body Works and Sephora I’m looking at you.  Continue reading

October favorites


So now that October is over, (how is it already November 1st?!) I decided to show you guys some items that I’ve been loving and using during the month of October. (a couple of these would have made it in past month favs if I had a blog back then) Most of the products I’ve included are makeup or beauty related, with the exception of two or three other products I’m obsessed with as well. Continue reading