Thank you STARBUCKS!


I ordered the above cup online from Starbucks last Saturday. I paid with the Starbucks gold card and was supposed to be rewarded 45 bonus stars for the purchase. Okay, cool. Sometime early in the week, maybe Monday night, or Tuesday, I realized I still didn’t get a shipping notification… nor did I get the 45 bonus stars credited to my account. I think I waited until Wednesday morning before I emailed them asking when I could expect shipping and why the 45 bonus stars weren’t credited to my account. By Wednesday night I still had no email from Starbucks. I decided to check my ‘order status’ on my Starbucks account for some reason, now it was showing that they actually shipped my order a couple of days ago and I should expect it by Monday. Never got a shipping email. I emailed their customer service department AGAIN the next day because now that it showed online my order was shipped (even though I never got a shipping confirmation email) I just wanted to know where my 45 bonus stars were for this order. AGAIN no response from them. Continue reading

Let’s talk… Vanderpump Rules


One of my favorite reality shows is back on again! It premiered on Monday and let me tell you, it sure didn’t disappoint. The show is on its fifth season and I’ve been watching it since the first season. I’m a big fan of the Housewives of BH, (and NJ- the only two shows I watch from that franchise) back then I started off watching it because it came on after RHOBH. They were a younger group of adults that I could relate to a little bit more than the ladies of The Real Housewives. I liked seeing their struggles of trying to make it in LA, working at SUR, waitressing, bartending, etc. Plus there was drama (c’mon, it’s reality tv… you need drama to keep viewers) there was lots of drama!  Continue reading

Expectation vs reality

When you want to try Starbucks new Frappula frapp, expecting it to look like the picture on the left, but getting the pic on the right instead. I placed a mobile order and when I went in to get it, it wasn’t even ready. The girl making it had no clue what this drink even was and ended up making me something with a coffee base and drizzling in caramel sauce for the first try… this was the second try…. and it tasted horrible! I ended up throwing it away because honestly it just seemed like she tossed in a little bit of this and that. Whatever combo she came up with was not good! 

This clearly isn’t a huge deal at all. A little annoying, yes. A waste of money, definitely. I only wanted to try the drink because I liked the way it looked in the picture. I would have even overlooked the fact that the drink looked nothing like the pic Starbucks posted, if the drink actually was good. I’ve had plenty of things (food, drinks, etc) that looked completely different (some looking completely like shit) than the promo pic, but the taste was perfect. In the end, that’s what matters. Sure I want it to look pretty like the picture since that’s what is persuading me to buy it in the first place… but whatever. 

I didn’t want Starbucks anyway today lol. I’d consider it a win for me if I wasn’t out $5.30. Note to self- next time just pass on any Starbucks 4 day limited edition drinks.