Nails Of The Month – August 2019



So, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted. Since I’ve shared a ‘Nails Of The Month’ post. Last year was a very difficult year for me, I had to step away from social media to handle and go through some real life issues. I’m still dealing with some real life heavy stuff, though not as major as the one I was dealing with last year. I’m not sick or have an illness or anything, but just dealing with a lot of stuff.

Maybe I’ll share my experience, struggle, thoughts in a post one day. It’s hard for me to open up, but I wanted to give you a little explanation of where I’ve been. I did receive a few messages from those of you on here who only follow me on my blog and not on other social media platforms. You wondered where I went and if I was coming back.

Now onto the nails! Continue reading

Pixi Glowy- Gossamer Duo & Liquid Fairy Lights Review


About a week or so ago, I was very fortunate enough to receive this lovely & gorgeous PR package from Pixi Beauty. I had seen this package going around on my Instagram and I was hoping I’d get this one as well. I was so thrilled when it arrived at my post box! How beautiful, right? Pixi has seriously been killing it this year with the presentation of their PR packages.

More importantly, look at the goodies they sent over!! If you know me, you know I love my glitter ( I mean, look at my nails! C’mon now) I will forever be extra and over the top and when it comes to glitter and shining bright like a diamond – my belief is, you can NEVER have too much. Yeah. I’m that person. Continue reading

Black Friday Madness

esurance_insurance_black_friday_cyber_mondayThanksgiving is now over and the time to start Christmas shopping has arrived. Ugh! When did that happen? I’ve never been so far behind on Christmas shopping since, like, eight or so years ago? I’m a planner. I like to plan ahead. I like having things done early, before all the madness of the holidays arrives. This year I’ve done nothing yet. No online purchases have been made, no store purchases for that matter either. I hate waiting until the last minute to do anything. I start feeling stressed and start getting anxiety over it. I know I have time to shop, but I hate waiting this late. The malls are going to be crazy from here on out. Not to mention traffic! Ugh! Traffic, crowds of people pushing and shoving. Tis the season, right?

I’m sitting here about to go out with my husband so he can Black Friday shop at Best Buy, Target, and maybe go to the outlets. (The time is currently almost 1am- stores in MA open at 1am for Black Friday) I’m undecided if I’m going to do any shopping. Victoria’s Secret seems like a disappointment this year. Bath & Body Works is doing a buy 3 get 3 free for the entire store, but I have a ton of candles… I might just wait until the $8 candle sale. Or is it $9 now? I might check out Ulta, but probably wouldn’t be buying any of their ‘Black Friday sales’ I’d probably just pop in to purchase other random makeup goodies… same goes for Sephora.

Honestly I shouldn’t be buying anything else for myself yet. I HAVE NO CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DONE! I wanted to buy this Teddy Blake handbag that was 55% off for their Black Friday sale… but I couldn’t justify spending that much money on myself when I don’t even have any of my Christmas shopping done. Sometimes I hate being a grown up. *pouts*

Every makeup company it seems is having some kind of Black Friday sale and it’s taking everything I have not to order something from a few of them. I did order the new Kylie Cosmetics holiday eyeshadow palette the other day. I was good. I had in my cart the eyeshadow palette, the bronze palette, the Kyliner in Snow, (the new holiday one) and the 4 pack of lipsticks, but in the end I ordered just the eyeshadow. I so would have bought all of those if I was ahead with my holiday shopping for everyone. It’s my own fault.

Still I’m debating… I may pop into a few stores to try and buy some presents for the ones on my list. If the stores aren’t too crazy, I’ll go in. If they are insane…. I’m staying away!!!

Are you guys taking advantage of any Black Friday sales? Or are you waiting until Cyber Monday instead? (I’ll probably partake in that) Let me know!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Target addiction & online shopping.

img_6210-1Who doesn’t love Target, right? I can’t be the only one who needs to buy one or two items going in… and somehow finds themselves wandering the aisles, picking up a million and one other things. Things I don’t really need, but it’s cute, or I’ll find some use for it. (I mean, that’s the talk I have with myself in my head)  This isn’t just a once and a while kinda thing either. No, this happens every time I step into that evil, wonderful store. I walk through that store in some kind of trance and come out with a cart full of stuff thinking, “Wtf did you just buy?” Lol anyone else? Or am I alone in my shopping addiction?  Continue reading

Candles… my other love.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I love makeup. Love! I’ve loved makeup since I was a little girl. It’s what I love to spend my money on, look at, play with, you name it. It makes me happy. Life can be hard and I’m all for finding what makes you happy and doing it… but I also have a love for candles. I love scents and I love good smells. As with makeup, I love good quality candles that perform well and have lots of scent. Also, as with makeup, I tend to be a sucker for good packaging. I will say I don’t usually buy candles solely just on looks or packaging alone. I mean, that’s definitely a plus in my book if the candle is adorable and cute as well as smells fantastic. Of course nowadays you will find all kinds of candles, brands, and a bunch of different scents. Sometimes that can be a little overwhelming and make it hard to choose. I tend to have a certain type of scent I like. I’m more into bakery and gourmand foodie scents as opposed to floral and perfume. A lot of times, I find those type of candles just don’t work well with me and my nose. They can be too overpowering and heavy on the perfume/ cologne and cause me to have a headache. It has to be toned down some with a vanilla note or some other note I enjoy for me to even consider buying it.   Continue reading